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‘Nobody here wants to remember the dark reign of SP’, BJP counterattacks on Akhilesh Yadav

Former CM of Uttar Pradesh and SP National President Akhilesh Yadav reached Haldwani on his Uttarakhand tour. During this, he surrounded Uttarakhand and the Central Government on many issues including Joshimath disaster, unemployment and paper leak. In response to which the BJP said that no one in Uttarakhand even wants to remember the black rule of the SP. During the tenure of SP, the agitating mother-sister of Devbhoomi was ripped apart and bullets were fired at the agitators. SP has no right to say anything on Uttarakhand. BJP has expressed strong opposition to Akhilesh Yadav’s statement on unemployment and paper leak in Uttarakhand. The BJP hit back at Akhilesh and said that during the SP tenure, only people of a particular caste were considered eligible for jobs. There was no rule of law in the state. BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt said that what was the measure of equality in SP’s rule, everyone is aware of it.

Mahendra Bhatt said that Jungle Raj and Mafia Raj in Uttar Pradesh were curbed when the BJP government was formed in Uttar Pradesh and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took charge. In the Yogi government, the culture of selling districts and police stations was curbed. Scams worth billions came to the fore during SP rule and many are lodged in jails. On the other hand, who does not know the character of the SP which was engaged in the game of appeasement?

At the same time, BJP’s media in-charge Manveer Chauhan said that Uttarakhand cannot forget the cruel rule and dark chapter of SP, when the mother-sister of Devbhoomi was raped and ripped apart on the instigation of the government. In the SP rule, the agitators were selectively fired with bullets and an attempt was made to crush the movement with repression. SP has no right to say anything on Uttarakhand.

He said that work is being done with transparency in Uttarakhand today. If scams have taken place, their investigation and hearing is also being done. He said that it was possible in UP that there was a family government. There a special caste and due to appeasement, a special community was heard.