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Rajasthan / Sriganganagar: 3 people got employment by taking 7 rounds of bride and groom, everyone is praising, read unique case

Usually we hear that after getting married, the boy settles in the girl’s house. But have you ever heard that 3 people can get employment when a boy and girl get married. This has happened in Rajasthan. This unique case is of Anupgarh in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. A financier living here has presented a unique example.

The bride and groom did a wonderful job before 7 rounds

The financier has started a tea-snack stall to provide employment to 3 waste pickers living in slums on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding. These three carts were also started by the financier’s daughter and son-in-law Deepak. Actually, Narayan Das, a resident of Ward No. 27 of Anupgarh, works in Gold Finance, he has started employment to Omprakash, Baljinder and Gurjinder, residents of Ward No. 11, after the marriage of his daughter Vinita.

Commendable step taken instead of extravagance in marriage

All the three youths have got employment. Earlier, he used to go door-to-door collecting garbage and begging for flour. But after getting employment, the economic condition of his family will also improve. The people of the society say that this initiative is commendable. People should take such commendable steps instead of extravagant spending in marriage.

First such case in Rajasthan

This is the first such case in the whole of Rajasthan when someone has started employment after the daughter’s marriage. While before this many cases like charity to the poor, serving the disabled have come to the fore. This unique initiative of Barhal Gold Finance Narayandas is discussed not only in Sriganganagar but in entire Rajasthan.