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Uorfi Javed’s condition has become like this due to allergies, people called Rakhi Sawant after seeing her swollen face

Social media sensation and actress Uorfi Javed has once again come into the limelight. Recently, Uorfi has shared one of her latest photos in which she is seen without makeup. The face of the actress is very swollen. Uorfi has shared the pain of battling allergies while sharing this photo on Twitter. While sharing the photo, Uorfi gave a funny caption and wrote, Kya se kya ho gaya! When you are allergic, what am I looking like now…?

Flood of comments came on Uorfi’s photo
Users are also reacting indiscriminately on this photo of Uorfi Javed. Comments have increased on Twitter. People are surprised to see this look of Uorfi , who is in headlines for her fashion on social media. Some people are making fun of this condition of the actress while some are advising her to stay away from beauty products.

Users said second Rakhi Sawant
On Twitter, users are seen trolling Uorfi Javed. One user even compared the actress to Rakhi Sawant. In the photo, Uorfi Javed has shown his swollen face and asked whom do I resemble. Seeing such a condition of her face, Uorfi is looking very upset.

Most of the users have linked Uorfi’s allergy to wearing full clothes. Users wrote, “If you wear such full clothes, then there will be allergy..”

U0rfi has this skin problem
This is not the first time that Uorfi Javed has revealed his skin problem. In an interview, Urfi told that she has different types of allergies, when she wears clothes, she gets rashes or boils. Despite Urfi’s skin problem, she does not stop experimenting with fashion and style.