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Uttarakhand : Will the name of VIP be revealed soon? List of 30 questions ready for Pulkit’s narco test!

The police has prepared a list of questions to be asked from Pulkit during the narco test. In this, apart from the questions told by Pulkit, some questions of the police will also be included. Their number is being told around 30. Recently, the court had given permission for Pulkit’s narco test. Now the possibility of getting a date for the narco test in Delhi’s Central Forensic Lab is being expressed.

Many questions in the Ankita murder case have to be solved only through the narco test. The most important in this is the name of the VIP and Pulkit’s main mobile. Regarding this, in December 2022, the SIT had applied for a narco test in the court.
Earlier, Pulkit and Saurabh had given permission for this. However, he later withdrew the applications after consulting his lawyers. In such a situation, when the permission was asked again, only the main accused Pulkit Arya gave the approval. In this also he had included all the conditions and questions.

Pulkit wants to get information about all the developments from him in narco or polygraph test. For example, did Ankita go with him of her own free will or was he taken by force. He pushed or some other incident happened on the canal side. Such conditions and questions were also accepted by the SIT.

When the police applied again regarding this, the court had accepted it. However, the date has not been fixed yet. According to the information received from the sources, now the SIT has prepared a list of questions to be asked from Pulkit. There are about 30 questions in it. Out of these, the police also need answers to their questions.

Let us tell you that on the night of September 18, Pulkit Arya, the owner of Vanantra Resort, had given a complaint about the missing of his employee Ankita Bhandari in the revenue police post. The matter was investigated laxly for about three days. After this, on the instructions of the government, the matter was handed over to the regular police. When the police strictly interrogated Pulkit Arya, manager Saurabh Bhaskar and Ankit, they spilled the beans.

It is learned that there was a fight between Pulkit and Ankita. While returning from Rishikesh, there was again a dispute between Ankita and Pulkit on the canal side and in the meantime Pulkit pushed Ankita into the canal. The police had arrested Pulkit, Ankit and Saurabh in this case on 22 September.