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Uttarakhand : Congress encircles the Speaker, said- there should be a policy of giving employment instead of snatching it

After the legal opinion of the Advocate General of the High Court on the recruitments in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly since 2016, the Congress has fiercely attacked the Assembly Speaker. Congress State Vice President Mathura Dutt Joshi has said that Vidhan Sabha Speaker Ritu Khandudi herself seems to be getting confused in her decision. He formed such a committee which cannot review the rights of the speaker of the assembly. After that the Advocate General has refused to give legal opinion. Mathura Dutt Joshi said that in this matter it should have been that the Chief Minister and the Assembly Speaker should have decided by sitting. Because the proposer is the speaker of the assembly and the one who gives permission is the chief minister. In such a situation, only these two people can solve this issue. They should sit and find a solution for this.

Congress State Vice President Mathura Dutt Joshi said that the policy of the government should be that instead of taking away employment, there should be a policy of providing employment. That’s why the government should reconsider how to solve the problem of the dismissed employees of the assembly.

Assembly Speaker has to decide

BJP BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt has said on the allegations of Congress that whatever decision has to be taken regarding the appointments made in the Vidhansabha, it has to be taken by the Speaker of the Vidhansabha.

Advocate General refused to give legal opinion

In the matter of recruitment through back door in Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha, the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha set up an inquiry. After which the employees who were appointed after the year 2016 were dismissed by Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri. A committee was formed to examine the appointments. After that, legal opinion was sought from the Advocate General of the High Court regarding the back door appointments made in the Vidhansabha before 2016 from the formation of the state. But the Advocate General of the High Court has refused to give opinion on this matter at present. He declined to comment as the matter was in court.