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Report revealed that India is the best for minorities

Pakistan continues to brag that minorities are being oppressed in India. Makes baseless claims regarding Kashmir. Pakistan, which claims many Islamic countries along with it, must read the CPA (Centre For Policy Analysis). According to The Australia Today report, out of 110 countries around the world, India is the number 1 country which is best for minorities. A report by the Center for Policy Analysis (CPA Report) on global minorities has ranked India as number one among 110 countries for inclusive measures towards religious minorities. The Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) is a research center headquartered in Patna, India. India has the best status of religious minorities among 110 countries. It is followed by South Korea, Japan, Panama and America.

Afghanistan, Somalia bottom of the list

Maldives, Afghanistan and Somalia are at the bottom of the list, the report said, with the UK and UAE ranked 54th and 61st. According to the CPA report, India’s minority policy emphasizes on increasing diversity. The Constitution of India has special provisions for the advancement of religious minorities in culture and education. According to the report, there is no explicit provision in any other constitution to promote linguistic and religious minorities.

No restrictions on any religious sect

The report highlights how, unlike many other countries, there are no restrictions on any religious sect in India. The UN can use India’s minority policy as a model for other countries because of the model’s inclusiveness and lack of discrimination against multiple religions and their sects.

India’s best policy

The report highlights India’s minority policy which needs to be reviewed and re-examined from time to time. It further states that if India wants to keep the country free from conflicts, then it has to rationalize its approach towards minorities. The Global Minorities Report created by CPA also aims to educate the world community on discrimination against minorities in different countries on the basis of their faith. The research also considers the issues that various religious groups and denominations deal with internationally.