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Country’s strictest ‘anti-copying law’ implemented in Uttarakhand, Governor approved, CM had approved

On Thursday itself, the government had sent the Uttarakhand Competitive Examination (Measures for Prevention and Prevention of Unfair Means in Recruitment) Ordinance, 2023 for the approval of the Governor. The governor approved this ordinance within 24 hours. This anti-copying law of Uttarakhand is being described as the most stringent law in the country.

Strict rules in anti-copying law

In the Uttarakhand Competitive Examination Ordinance 2023, a provision for strict punishment and fine has been kept. With the approval of Governor Gurmeet Singh on Friday, the anti-copying law has also come into force in Uttarakhand. Under this law, if found involved in paper leak, copying or using wrong means in recruitment examinations, the accused will be punished with life imprisonment. Along with the punishment, a fine of up to Rs 10 crore will also have to be paid. There is also a strict provision for confiscation of the property of the culprits in this non-bailable offence.

Life imprisonment with fine up to Rs 10 crore

As soon as the new anti-copying law comes into force, there is a provision of life imprisonment and fine of up to Rs 10 crore in cases found involved in organized copying and using unfair means. Under this law, arrangements have also been made to confiscate the property of the accused. If caught under the new anti-copying law, the offense of the accused will be cognisable, non-bailable and non-compoundable.

Provision of punishment for the people of Conching Institute, management system

In the Uttarakhand paper leak cases, groups of persons, people from the printing press and people associated with the commission were found to be involved. In view of this, the scope of the new anti-copying law of Uttarakhand has also been extended. Now, if any person, printing press, service provider organization, management system, coaching institute etc. are found involved in the recruitment examination by using unfair means, then they will also be punished with life imprisonment and a fine of Rs.10 crore.

Provision for fine of Rs 10 lakh along with imprisonment of 10 years

Under the new anti-copying law, if a candidate is caught copying himself or getting himself copied in the recruitment examination with unfair means, then in such a case there will be a punishment of three years. A provision has been made for a fine of at least five lakhs. For the second time also, if this candidate is found guilty again in other competitive examination, then he will have to pay minimum 10 years of imprisonment and a minimum fine of Rs 10 lakh.

If you copy then this will be the punishment

If the candidate is caught copying, he will be suspended for two to five years from the date of filing of the charge sheet. If the candidate is found guilty, he will be suspended from appearing in all examinations for 10 years. If caught copying again, he will be suspended for five to 10 years from the time the charge sheet is filed. If found guilty, that candidate will be banned from appearing in all competitive examinations for life.

Why was the anti-copying law necessary?

Actually, the papers of recruitment exams are continuously leaking in Uttarakhand. Recently, the Patwari recruitment exam paper conducted by the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission was also leaked. Even before this many papers of UKSSSC have been leaked. In such a situation, along with the government, the commission and institutions conducting the examination were under the scanner. That is why the anti-copying law has been brought.

On February 9, there was a big ruckus against the paper leak

Let us inform that on February 9, hundreds of youths under the banner of Uttarakhand Berojgar Sangh protested at Ghataghar in Dehradun, demanding a CBI inquiry into the recruitment scams, which became quite fierce. During this, stones were also pelted on the police by the protesters. In response to which the police also lathicharged. More than 50 protesting youths were injured in the lathicharge. 15 policemen were also injured. Police also arrested 13 named protesters. After this incident, the politics of Uttarakhand has heated up. On the other hand, on February 10, Uttarakhand Berojgar Sangh demonstrated while announcing the state bandh. In such a situation, the government has tried to pacify the angry youth by approving the Uttarakhand anti-copying law.