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Know when and where Valentine’s Day started in India? The teacher sent the letter to England

Along with foreign countries, Valentine’s Day is now celebrated with great enthusiasm in India as well. But do you know when the celebration of Valentine’s Day started in India? Otherwise we are going to tell you that. In India, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is believed to have started from Mussoorie, the Queen of the Hills. A letter published in the book ‘Mussoorie Merchant The Indian Letters’ testifies to this. Due to which it is believed that Valentine started in the country in the year 1843 from Mussoorie.

The teacher had sent a letter from Mussoorie to England

  • English-born Mogar Monk was a Latin teacher at John Mackennon’s school in Barlowganj, Mussoorie. Then he fell in love with Elizabeth Luin.
  • To tell about this, on 14 February 1843, he sent a letter to his sister Margaret Mank in England.
  • In this letter he had written, ‘Dear sister! Today I am writing this letter on Valentine’s Day. I’m in love with
  • Elizabeth Luen. I am very happy with him.
  • Mogar Mank died in the year 1849 during his residence in Meerut. But his letter came to light when his
  • Andrew Morgan mentioned the letters written between 1828 and 1849 in the book ‘Mussoorie Merchant Indian Letters’.
  • Since then it is considered as the record of the first love letter written in the country and it is also believed that Valentine’s Day would have started in India from this day.

No record of Valentine being celebrated before Mogar Mank’s letter

According to historians, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in Europe since thousands of years ago. But talking about India, according to records, Mogar Mank first mentioned Valentine’s Day in a letter written to his sister on 14 February 1843. There is no earlier record available that mentions Valentine’s Day.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Rome was then ruled by Emperor Claudius in the third century, who believed that men’s power and intelligence diminished by marriage. He decreed that none of his soldiers or officers would marry.

Saint Valentine opposed this order and on his call many soldiers and officers got married. The result of which was that Claudius got Saint Valentine hanged on February 14, 269. Since then ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated in his memory.