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The man who had won the battle with cancer was killed by his own chicken!

You must have seen many such cases during the rescue operation in Turkiye (Turkey) in the last few days, who defeated death even in such a big disaster. There are countless such cases in which the survival of a human being is no less than a miracle.

But some such cases are also heard in which a person’s life is lost in a minor incident. One such surprising incident has come to the fore in the Netherlands. Some time ago, a person living here saved his life by defeating a dangerous disease like cancer, but in the past, he died due to a chicken growing in the house.

The chicken growing in the house got injured

According to media reports, Jasper Kraus, who lives in The Hague, was sitting at his house last days. Suddenly a chicken growing in his house clawed him hard. After this claw was applied, blood started coming out from the leg. He lay down on the bed upset. Meanwhile, his daughter came home, but seeing him sleeping, went away. After some time, the neighbor called his daughter to come home soon, father’s health has deteriorated. When she reached there immediately, she saw that there was a wound on the father’s left leg due to the chicken attack. There was a lot of blood flowing from there. Jasper was covered in blood. People called an ambulance and started giving CPR to Jasper.

Doctors told what caused the death

According to the report, this incident surprised even the doctors. Doctors believed that Jasper had been cured of cancer some time back. Right now he was also taking medicines related to cancer. But due to the sudden attack of the chicken, he lost a lot of blood and he also got a heart attack and because of this he died. People told that a few days before the attack on Jasper, the chicken had also attacked his grandson. Although he is safe.