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Uttarakhand: Instructions to the officers of the Chief Secretary- With the help of mobile health van and telemedicine, provide health services in remote areas

The government is constantly trying to improve health services in Uttarakhand. So that people do not have to wander for health facilities. On the other hand, considering the geographical location of Uttarakhand, telemedicine and mobile health vans have a special significance. In view of this, Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu, while taking a meeting of officers, has instructed the health department to promote mobile health vans and telemedicine.

Emphasis on improving health systems

Telemedicine and mobile health vans can play an important role in providing health facilities to the hilly areas of Uttarakhand. In view of this, Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu has given instructions to promote these facilities to provide health facilities to the officials. The Chief Secretary has made it clear to the officers that 100 percent saturation plans should be given for this, so that it can be implemented. The special thing is that the health center in the state is very far away in many areas. Therefore mobile van can play an important role in this direction. In view of this, the Chief Secretary gave instructions to promote it.

Health department will reach people

Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu said that increasing the certainty of visits of mobile vans, days should be set for each area. He said that a permanent monitoring and feedback system should be strengthened to ensure availability of mobile vans. During this, instructions have been given to complete the availability of portable X-ray machines ranging from blood samples to mobile vans. Chief Secretary SS Sandhu said that there should be special health arrangements for the hilly areas and for this a separate plan needs to be done in a planned manner. The possibilities of artificial intelligence in the health sector should also be considered. Along with this, efforts should be made to promote telemedicine as much as possible in different areas of the state.