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Gujarat: It rained notes at the wedding! Former sarpanch blew lakhs in the air, guests rushed to grab the money

One such video of Desi Wedding is going viral on social media, which you will be surprised to see. A social media user named @akshayhspatel has shared this video on Twitter. In the video, people are seen blowing notes worth lakhs of rupees from the roof of the house at the wedding ceremony. A report in Time Now News has claimed that this shocking video is from Sevda Agol village in Kekri tehsil of Gujarat.

It is being told that the nephew of a sarpanch was getting married here. During this people were showering notes in happiness. This wedding video is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. Users are surprised to see the rain of notes.

people stole money from the roof of the house
According to a report in Time Now News, the wedding ceremony of the former sarpanch’s son and his brother was going on. In the video, relatives can be seen throwing notes ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500 from the balcony and terrace. In the video, notes can be seen flying in the air. At the same time, during the ceremony, people dancing on the beat of the song are also seen picking up the guest notes.

This video going viral on social media has surprised the users. However, this incident of showering notes and ornaments in Gujarat is not the first. A few years back, another video of a similar incident surfaced from Valsad in Gujarat, where singers were showered with around Rs 50 lakh during a charity event.

There was a shower of notes on the singers
According to media reports, during a program on two famous folk singers Geeta Rabar and Brijrajdan Gadhvi, people showered notes of 10, 200 and 500 rupees. The video of this incident also went viral on social media.