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Stopped from smoking cigarette in flight, woman created ruckus by stripping naked

All the cases and videos of plane or flight keep coming out from all over the world. Many times the passengers come into the limelight due to their wrongdoings, and sometimes the services of the airlines are cheated. In this episode, recently a woman came into limelight when she created ruckus in the entire flight due to cigarette smoking. Not only this, she started taking off her clothes. Eventually he was arrested and handed over to the police.

Started smoking near the toilet

Actually, this incident is of a flight going from Stavropol to Moscow. According to media reports, the name of this 49-year-old woman is Anjelika Moskvitina. This woman suddenly started smoking near the toilet. When she was refused to do so, she flared up. He said that even if you kill her, she will smoke cigarettes. As soon as he was stopped, he created ruckus. She went topless and started taking off her clothes.

Handcuffed on flight

Not only this, after this she started trying to enter the cockpit. He did all this in front of everyone. During this, other passengers including children were also present in the flight. According to a report in Mirror, the accused female passenger was later handcuffed on the flight and then handed over to the police upon landing in Moscow.

When she entered the cockpit

A video of this incident has surfaced on social media. In which it is visible how much the woman has created a ruckus. The woman’s drama began at an altitude of 33,000 feet when she locked herself in the toilet and smoked. When he was asked to go back to his seat, he made himself stand up and did this act. When she started entering the cockpit, she was caught.