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Bihar / Samastipur: Sister-in-law, who married sister-in-law, hit the wall in the police station and broke her head

Sister-in-law married her sister-in-law in a village in Rosda. Madly in love with sister-in-law, sister-in-law has been making rounds of Rosda police station for three consecutive days. Even on Sunday, the woman reached the police station and requested the police to recover her sister-in-law. Not only this, the woman was ready to die to get her love. When the sister-in-law reached the police station, she started banging her head against the wall of the Devi temple located in the police station premises. Her husband was also present with her. The husband stopped the woman from hitting her head. After this, he took her to the hospital and the husband got her treated.

Tell that in a village of Rosda, sister-in-law had married her sister-in-law. The matter came to light when the elder sister-in-law separated her sister-in-law and her younger sister. Sister-in-law alleges that her elder sister-in-law sent the younger sister-in-law somewhere. The woman reached the police station regarding this.

In 2013, the woman of Rosda was married to a young man under Chhaurahi OP of Begusarai district. Both have two sons aged seven and five. During this time the woman fell in love with her sister-in-law. Six months ago, sister-in-law accepted sister-in-law as her husband and wearing vermilion and mangalsutra, both started living together.

The husband knew about the love between sister and wife but kept quiet for the sake of the children. In the past, the woman’s elder sister-in-law reached home and separated her sister and sister-in-law. In such a situation, the woman reached Rosda police station. She has accused the elder sister-in-law of forcibly taking the younger sister-in-law away.