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Madhya Pradesh / Harda: When caught by the police, he pretended to be a soul, angry with the husband, the wife took the life of the child in anger

A shocking case has come to light in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. Here a mother strangled her 10-day-old daughter to death. After a quarrel with her husband, the woman carried out the incident in a fit of rage. After getting the information from the police, the postmortem of the girl was done and it has been confirmed that she was strangulated. The police have registered the case and started investigation. Poot Kaput must have heard and seen, but the matter of being a mother and a kumata has come to the fore in Harda. Here a mother killed her lactating girl child by strangulation. Timarni police station TI Sushil Patel told that a call was received from Sohagpur village at 11 am that a 10-day-old girl has been murdered. Immediately after getting the news, the dead body of the girl child was brought and sent to PM. In this, the doctor told that death has occurred due to strangulation. When questioned, the family told that the father had committed the murder. When we checked the footage in the CCTV installed nearby, it was found that father Sanju was not there at the time of the incident. He had returned from Charuva village when the girl was killed.

Taken to the farm and strangled

When the police interrogated the family separately, a shocking fact came to the fore. The mother herself had killed her daughter. After a dispute with her husband, the wife has killed the daughter in anger. The police took the statements of all the family members. She is investigating further after establishing the case. The woman’s brother-in-law told that there was no one at home even on the day of Shivratri. On the second day, on Sunday, he came to know that the girl had died. But what and why this was done is not known.

Murder of daughter in revenge of displeasure with husband

In 2021, the love marriage of tribal girl Pooja was done with Sanju, a young man of Banjara community. Being from different societies, both the families were very angry about the love marriage. After a few days of marriage, both came to the village. But Sanju used to fight with Pooja every day. Three to four days ago, when Sanju beat him up, his wife went to her brother-in-law and brother in Sohagpur village. When the mother-in-law left the baby girl with Pooja, angry with her husband, Pooja took the baby girl to the farm and strangled her to death. Later, the maternal uncle kept accusing Pooja’s husband of murder from one end.

The woman pretended to be a soul

When the police caught Pooja, she pretended to have a soul in her body. The soul kept saying that it has drunk the blood of the child. Will not leave mother now. But when the police questioned strictly, Pooja stopped the drama of the soul and spoke the truth.