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Uttarakhand: Ritu Khanduri bluntly told Subramaniam Swamy, said- You are a very big lawyer, so you are welcome, replied to Congress

The Congress is constantly attacking the government regarding the backdoor recruitment issue in the Vidhansabha. At the same time, after which the big leaders of BJP are seen defending the middle. At the same time, after Subramanian Swamy’s intervention in the matter, Uttarakhand Assembly Speaker Ritu Khanduri has bluntly said that if he is a very big lawyer then he is welcome in the Supreme Court.

Reaction to Subramaniam Swamy

In the Vidhansabha, continuous politics is going on regarding the 228 employees who were sacked by taking a tough decision in the matter of back door recruitment. On the other hand, BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy, showing interest in this matter, has announced to fight on behalf of the employees who were dismissed from the assembly. He has also announced to go to the Supreme Court of the country on this matter. On the other hand, Vidhansabha Speaker Ritu Khanduri has given her reaction on the arrival of Subramanian Swamy on behalf of the dismissed employees.

Welcome to the Supreme Court

She bluntly replied that if he is a great lawyer then he is welcome in the Supreme Court, she wishes him all the best. Ritu Khanduri says that the matter is subjudice and earlier also some people had gone to the Supreme Court regarding this. If Subramanian Swamy wants to come to the Supreme Court regarding the matter, then he is welcome. However, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly also told that in this case some people have already got disappointment from the court.

Talk about sacked employees

At the same time, Ritu Khanduri spoke in strong words about the politics being done regarding the sacked employees in the assembly recruitment case. He said that today we should take forward our politics keeping in mind the future of the youth of our state and not only political profit and loss. Some Congress leaders took the side of the sacked employees in the assembly recruitment case. It is said that this is the disgusting face of politics, sometimes it is said from this side, sometimes it is said from that side.

Answered to Congress

The Congress, under the leadership of Congress leader Harish Rawat, also presented a case on behalf of the 228 sacked people. Telling about which, he gave the same answer to the Congress delegation that he has no enmity with these 228 employees. Rather the question is about the 8 lakh unemployed youth of Uttarakhand. The question is of right and wrong and of following rules and regulations.