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Madhya Pradesh / Singrauli: 4 wives had left the house, the fifth got fed up and cut off her husband’s private part; dead body thrown on the road

Police disclosed the murder case of a person in Urti village of Singrauli district. It was the wife who killed her husband. The accused woman has been arrested by the police and sent to jail. The dead body of Birendra Gurjar of the village was recovered on 21 February. There were injury marks on the throat and genitals of the deceased. Kotwali police station in-charge Arun Pandey told that Kanchan Gurjar, the wife of the deceased, had filed a case against the unknown by giving a complaint in the police station. Since then the police was engaged in revealing this murder. Meanwhile, the police carried out a thorough investigation by questioning everyone who was suspected, including several close relatives of the deceased. During this, the wife of the deceased also came under the scanner of the police. When the police took the woman into custody and strictly interrogated her, the whole incident came to light. Disclosing the murder, Kanchan, wife of the deceased Birendra Gurjar, told the police that her husband was a drug addict. He used to torture her a lot when he was drunk. Being fed up, Kanchan conspired to kill her husband and mixed 20 sleeping pills in her husband Birendra’s food on the night of 21 February. The horrific incident was carried out when the husband drowned in a deep sleep.

During interrogation, it was found that the woman first attacked her husband several times with an axe. After this, she killed her husband by attacking his genitals with a sharp weapon. After committing the crime, Kanchan wrapped her husband’s body in clothes and threw it on the side of the road. Not only this, the accused woman also burnt the clothes and slippers of the deceased to destroy the evidence. According to the police, Kanchan Gurjar was the fifth wife of the deceased Birendra Gurjar. Earlier, four wives had already left him after being harassed by Birendra. Fed up with this harassment, Kanchan also killed her husband.