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Uttar Pradesh / Ghaziabad: Whether the husband leaves… but I will not leave mobile!

In Ghaziabad, the woman said that she will not leave the mobile phone even if the husband leaves. In a case of family counseling center, mobile phone has become a cause of dispute between husband and wife. The wife has become so fond of mobile that the importance of the phone for her has become more than her husband. In a case of Loni, a dispute has arisen between the husband and wife due to the phone. The husband told that the wife is engaged in mobile phones throughout the day. All day keeps making video calls to relatives, sister, brother -in -law.

He said that I will not give it a smart phone, I will give a keypad phone so that this video does not call. She told that she mostly makes video calls to her sister and brother -in -law throughout the day. His sister also abuses me on the call and she does not call her anything. At the same time, the wife is adamant that I have to keep a smart phone. The wife went to her maternal home due to the dispute.

Family counseling center in -charge Neha Chauhan said that the woman was quite explained but she was adamant on the insistence of smart phones. The woman’s brothers also explained to her but she is not ready to believe. The counselor understood the two and sent them home together and gave the next date. Counselor Babita Sharma said that the husband had also shown a video in which the wife was killing the husband.