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Uttarakhand / Roorkee: The husband returned from work asked for food, wife’s high mercury, hit the husband with a stick… tore clothes too…! Case reached Kotwali

In Roorkee, a wife beat up her husband for asking for bread. At the same time, the young man was beaten up in the IRI Colony for not giving bidi in Shakti Vihar Colony, and the wife beat her husband. Both the injured have given a complaint to the police and demanded action. The police is investigating the matter

The young man asked the wife to give food as soon as she came

A case of dispute between husband and wife reached Kotwali. A young man resident of IRI Colony came home after working as a laborer. The young man asked the wife to give food as soon as she came. While the wife asked to stay for some time. There was an argument between the two about this.

Wife beat husband with poles

It is alleged that the wife beat her up with a pole. Also, tore his clothes. On making noise, the people around reached the spot and intervened. The husband has complained to the wife to the Gangahar Kotwali police in this regard. The husband said that the wife has beaten her several times before. Inspector Aishwarya Pal, in -charge of Gangnahar Kotwali, said that the matter is being investigated.

The young man’s head was broken after not giving bidi

Amit, a resident of Shakti Vihar Colony of Gangahar Kotwali area, was sitting outside the house on Thursday morning. Meanwhile, a young man from the neighborhood came there. The young man asked for a bidi from Amit. Amit refused to be bidi. There was a dispute between them about this matter. The young man abused Amit.

Amit admitted to Amit hospital in bled condition

On protesting, the young man beat Amit and attacked him with a stick. In which Amit’s head burst. People came to the spot on making noise. Seeing them coming, the accused escaped threatening from there. In a bloody condition, Swaman has admitted Amit to the hospital for treatment. Amit has complained to the Gangahar Kotwali police in this regard.