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Uttarakhand: Preparations for Chardham Yatra are in full swing but the question of Congress is why the government is limiting the number of pilgrims?

Former BKTC president and Congress leader Ganesh Godial has described the preparations for Chardham Yatra as half incomplete. He raised the question that when the government is claiming that all the preparations for Chardham Yatra have been done, then why the number of passengers is being limited.

Questions raised on travel preparations

Ganesh Godial said that the government’s preparations have been exposed because the state government has limited the registration of devotees coming for the Chardham Yatra. But when the government’s preparations are complete, then why registration of passengers is being done in limited numbers? The reality is that there are no preparations for the government’s visit. Ganesh Godial said that people who depend on the Chardham Yatra wait for the Yatra to start every year. But the government has limited the registration of passengers. This shows that there are no preparations for the government’s visit. He has objected to the registration of the people of Uttarakhand in the Yatra. He said that the government is putting unnecessary burden on the people of Uttarakhand.

Targeted on limiting registration

He said that if the government has to register, then registration of pilgrims coming from other states should be done. But the government should increase the number of passengers instead of limiting them. So that all the people including hoteliers, transporters who depend on travel can get relief. But the state government is not worried about it. He said that the reality is that like last year, this time also there is no preparation of the government for Chardham Yatra. Significantly, the Uttarakhand government is making preparations for the Chardham Yatra in full swing this year. In view of the record number of devotees during the yatra last year, this time the state government is working towards making the yatra convenient. But Ganesh Godial has targeted the government regarding the limited number of pilgrims.