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Uttar Pradesh / Barabanki: 70 -year -old father -in -law married 41 -year -old daughter -in -law, honeymoon

A surprising case has come to light from Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. Here a 65 -year -old elder married a girl 41 years older than him.

Interestingly, this person himself is the father of 6 daughters. After marrying a 24 -year -old girl, the elderly also danced to the wedding. Its video is becoming very viral on social media.

According to media reports, this case is from Jamin Hussainpur village. The name of this 65 -year -old elder is Naqchhed. He is married to 24 -year -old Nandini. This elder is not only the father of 6 daughters but his grandson,

There are also Nawase and son -in -law, in whose presence he married another with great pomp. He also danced a lot in the procession. This marriage took place on Sunday, which is a cause of discussion in the entire area.

The bride is of the age of the daughter of Nandini, the elderly. The reports of reports were married in Kamakhya Devi temple falling in Rudauli area. 50 Barati and Gharati attended it. After the death of the first wife, Nakhed had become alone.

After this, he decided to marry a second marriage with family approval. He is very happy after marrying his second wife Nandani. All his children are married. Now the round of discussions in the entire area about her marriage is hot.

When father -in -law married daughter -in -law

Last month, a similar case came up from Gorakhpur. Here the 70 -year -old elder got married to his 28 -year -old daughter -in -law. The pictures were in the headlines after going viral on social media. Everyone was surprised at this marriage.

This case is of Badhalganj area. 70 -year -old Kailash Yadav here got married to his son’s wife Pooja (28) in the temple.

There is a difference of 42 years at the age of both. Photos of this wedding in the temple are becoming very viral. Please tell that Kailash Yadav’s wife has died 12 years ago.

Actually Pooja was Kailash’s third number daughter -in -law. After the death of her husband, she was about to get married elsewhere. But the father -in -law’s heart came to the daughter -in -law. After this, both of them went to the temple and took a round.