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Due to the negligence of the health workers, four innocent people went to cure pneumonia, HIV infected?

A serious case of negligence of health workers has come to light in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh. Due to the indifference of the health workers, four innocent people came under the clutches of AIDS. The family members are worried since the report came. Negligence of health workers has come to the fore in Veerangana Avantibai Autonomous State Medical College. Due to which four children are at risk of getting HIV. There is an allegation of injecting five children admitted in the ward with a syringe. One of these girls is infected with HIV. After complaining to the district administration, the treatment of the four children has been started to prevent HIV. An eight-year-old girl resident of Kasganj district had cough problem with difficulty in breathing. The family took him to the medical college on February 20 for treatment. Here the doctor admitted him. He started treatment on the suspicion of pneumonia. When he did not get the benefit, got him tested for TB. The report came negative.

Four other sick children including the girl child were admitted

After this, on suspicion, a sample was taken on February 27 to get his HIV tested. The report came on March 1. The family members were shocked to see this. The child’s HIV report came positive. Four other sick children, including a seven-year-old city resident, were also admitted in the same ward. A city resident told that a doctor came to see the children on Friday evening. He told the staff on duty that a girl child was HIV infected.

One month rescue course

Told that the staff injected HIV infected girl and injected my girl and other children admitted in the ward with the same needle. Protested on Friday evening when the report came. On this the college staff sent the infected girl home. While her child was discharged at 12 o’clock in the night. But we didn’t take him. The mother of another child has also made similar allegations. All four children are admitted. He has been given a one-month course on HIV prevention on Saturday.

ADM said – action will be taken for investigation

ADM Administration Alok Kumar told that the matter has come to the notice. There is a provision that the syringe should be used only once for a patient. Allegations have been made. The matter will be investigated and action will be taken against the guilty personnel.