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Rajasthan / Bundi: The act of flirtatious daughter-in-law! Mother-daughter left alone, daughter-in-law absconding with father-in-law?

He is from Bundi district of Rajasthan. The news is surprising. The 68-year-old father who was in charge of the house took his 22-year-old daughter-in-law with him. Left behind is an ailing wife and an unmarried daughter. The son went to earn and the whole family was feeding. But now he is going round the police station. The whole matter is related to illegal relations. Sadar police station of Bundi district is probing the matter. The case pertains to Silor village.

Flirt daughter-in-law came as a bride a few months ago

Police said that a youth named Pawan has registered the case. He registered that he does the work of putting RCCC in the houses. Stepfather Ramesh takes care of the house. Pawan told the police that he had married Komal a few months ago and now has a daughter who is about two years old. Pawan told the police that the mother had remarried after the death of the first father and Ramesh was his stepfather. He never thought that father could do this.

Father-in-law and daughter-in-law did not return once they went

Pawan told the police that he had gone to work on February 14 as well. Before going to work in the morning, the wife said that she had to go to the doctor because of female illness, then Pawan said that she can go with the father. As if father Ramesh’s wish has been fulfilled. What happened after that father-in-law took his daughter-in-law on the bike, along with her two-year-old granddaughter. Ran away in such a way that Zak did not return today. Pawan lodged a case in the police station a few days ago and now this matter has come to the fore. The police are being accused of not taking action. On the other hand, Sadar police is saying that every possible effort is being made.