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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: Holi meeting program of Bihari Mahasabha, the auditorium reverberated with the songs of Holi, the mother power of the Mahasabha organized a grand event

The program of grand Holi Milan ceremony of Bihari Mahasabha was organized at ONGC Auditorium, Dehradun. The program was organized by Bihari Mahasabha Madhya Shakti, women presented many programs in the program and many competitions were also organized. The song Mera Kho Gaya Bajuband Rasiya Holi mein engrossed the Holi attendees for a long time. A large number of officials and dignitaries of Bihari Mahasabha were present in the programme. President of Bihari Mahasabha Lalan Singh extended best wishes and greetings to all the people of the country and the state on the occasion of Holi.