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After all, why the people of Bhotia tribe took to the streets in Uttarakhand

There is resentment among the people of the society due to indecent remarks on the women of Bhotia tribe. On Saturday thousands of women and men protested on the road and demanded action from the government. The matter was discussed with Supiya Singh Rana, president of the Bhotia tribal community of the China border area.

Tried to know from him the truth of the matter, the resentment, the difficulties faced by him while living in odd geographical conditions. He said that the government should take immediate cognizance of this matter. Also talked to Professor Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Purohit, who got involved in this controversy arising out of social media. The main parts of the conversation are as follows.

Question- The people of Bhotia tribe are angry, what is the real reason for this anger?

Answer- During the Joshimath disaster, on January 10, a person named Deepak Dhoundiyal uploaded an article on his Facebook profile. It was written on it by the pen of Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Purohit. These teachers are from Chamoli district only. In the article, an objectionable post was written on the women and daughters of the Bhotia tribe.

This post was shared by 48 people. This post made the society angry. We lodged a complaint in Gopeshwar police station on January 17, but due to the Joshimath disaster, the police could not pay attention. However, on February 18, an FIR was registered in the matter.

Question- What is the future strategy of the people of Bhotia tribe in this matter?

Answer- A teacher shows the way to the society. Where will the society go when the teachers themselves start writing such indecent things. If you want to write, then write against the atrocities on daughters-in-law. Who stops ? But by writing indecent and factless things against the daughters and women of a community, anger will surely flourish. Immediate action has been demanded from the police and administration in this matter. If action is not taken against the teacher, the agitation will be intensified. A plan has also been made to gherao the Vidhansabha Bhavan during the Vidhansabha session at Gairsain on 13th March.

Question- Which community are you getting support in this movement?

Answer- Who will not support this post which tarnishes the society. We are getting support from all communities. The people of this tribe are agitated in Uttarakhand. Things that divide the society have been written on social media. The government should immediately take cognizance of this.

Question- What is the history of Bhotia tribe community?

Answer- People of Bhotia tribe live in Niti and Mana Valley for centuries. In the past, the people of these valleys used to trade salt, wool, ghee from Tibet. After this, there used to be an exchange of food grains from village to village. After the Sino-Indian war in 1962, trade with Tibet stopped. Then the villagers started farming.

Question- How is the Bhotia tribe’s relation with the army in the border area?

Answer- Both Niti and Mana valleys are in China (Tibet) border area. Here, during the 1962 China war, the army had taken several hectares of land on lease from the villagers. Instead of this, the villagers were given compensation of Rs 50 on behalf of the army, but this compensation is also not being given for almost ten years.

Even at present in the valleys, 60 percent of the land is held by the army and 40 percent by the villagers. Many times the central government was asked to give compensation amount but no one is ready to listen. The villagers of Bhotia tribe still consider themselves fortunate that we have given land to the army. We have cordial relations with the army, but regret not getting the compensation for the land.

Question- What is the means of livelihood of the villagers of Bhotia tribe?

Answer- The population of Bhotia tribe in Niti and Mana Valley is about 20 thousand. There is less land left with the villagers. Rajma, potatoes are grown on this land. Paddy and wheat are not produced here due to excessive cold. Many villagers make warm clothes from wool, which are sold in fairs and Chardham Yatra.

‘Nothing has been written on the Bhotia tribe yet’

(Conversation with accused teacher Dr. Bhagwati Prasad Purohit)

Question- Have you written any book on Bhotia tribe?

Answer- No, I have not written anything on Bhotia tribe yet. Some people who want to destroy Sanatan Dharma, break idols, burn Hindu scriptures, are annoyed that I am restoring the scientificity of Sanatan Dharma through my books.

Question- Your name is being added to the post uploaded on social media?

Answer- I have neither written anything on social media nor allowed anyone to do so. People who do not even know me are opposing me. The question is why is this happening and who is sponsoring it. Whose funding is behind this and through whom. It needs to be investigated.

Question- How many books have you written so far?

Answer- About 24 books of mine have been published so far. Many books are in English, Gujarati and Telugu languages. I have many articles on Nanda Devi and Kailash Mansarovar. The issue of building a cross-border road along the India-China border first arose in the year 2001 through my writings. In such a situation, what a surprise if I start becoming a target. My commitment is to Sanatan Dharma and the nation. I don’t have any interest in the rest. It doesn’t matter whether someone criticizes me or praises me.