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Demand for banning circumcision of Muslims, petition filed in Kerala High Court

There is a dispute about the circumcision of Muslims. Many questions have also arisen about this. Now in this sequence, a petition has been filed in the Kerala High Court, demanding that non-medical circumcision of children should be declared an illegal and non-bailable offense.

The petition has been filed by an organization called ‘Non-Relig that Citizens’. In this, the court has been requested that the Central Government should be instructed to consider making laws to prevent the practice of circumcision. It was also said that circumcision is a violation of children’s human rights.

The petition states that there are many health related problems due to circumcision. This practice is a unilateral decision on the child by his parents. This does not include children’s will, which is a violation of the provisions of international treaties. The petition filed also stated that the practice of circumcision is cruel, inhuman and barbaric, which is a violation of the fundamental rights, right to life of children inherent in the Constitution. The petition claimed that there have been incidents of death of many newborns due to circumcision.

What is circumcision
Circumcision is a religious practice in Muslims, in which the front skin of his penis is cut and removed shortly after the boy is born. In Islam, it has been described as the method of Sunnah i.e. Prophet. At the same time, Muslim experts say that circumcision keeps cleanliness in the reproductive organ and there is no urination or semen stuck, due to which other diseases are not caused.