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Uttarakhand: Deputy Leader of Opposition Bhuvan Kapri targeted the government for the junior assistant examination, said this with claims!

After the unemployed organization, now the Congress party is also questioning the junior assistant recruitment examination held on the previous day. The Congress alleged that the four sets of paper are the same to be the same to benefit some people. He said that the government has been found in the entire episode. He said that if the anti -duplicate law was welcome, the Chief Minister would not have to welcome the BJP Yuva Morcha.

The Congress has made serious allegations against the government regarding the junior assistant recruitment examination. Khatima MLA and Deputy Leader of Opposition Bhuvan Kapri held a press conference and said that the four paper sets made in the junior assistant recruitment on Sunday have been made the same. Questions ranging from 1 to 100 numbers in all four sets from A to D are the same in all sets. Whereas in the whole of India, not a single examination has been done by creating the same paper set. He alleged that the government has found a new way of selling paper. He said that opposition parties, including unemployed youth of Uttarakhand, are demanding an investigation into the first case and then the examination. But the government is not ready to accept. He said that all four sets of recruitment paper of junior assistant examination remain the same.

That is, the paper has already been dealt with. He said that the government is not serious about the future of the youth of Uttarakhand. Bhuvan Kapri alleged that the government is involved in the examination scam. He demanded that there should be a CBI inquiry into the entire recruitment scams under the supervision of the sitting judge. He said that the commission should be repaired first and then the examination should be conducted. After the enactment of the anti -duplicate law, a case is being filed against them, pressing the voice of the unemployed. If the anti -copying law had been so welcome, the youth of the state would have been welcoming it. Not that the people of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha would have been welcomed.