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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: Police arrested the accused of robbing and killing an elderly woman

On March 04, 2023, Vineeta Dhyani gave an application to Police Station Basant Vihar, District Dehradun in Police Station Patel Nagar that her mother Kamlesh Dhawan lived alone at her house No. 0-149 Phase-2, Bhandari Bagh near Shivram Uniyal School Dehradun. Me, my elder sister and my niece used to talk to him on the phone every morning and evening, but on the night of 03-03-2023 and the next day morning, he did not pick up the phone, so we located in front of his house. Called Taylor and asked him to go to the house to see my mother, when he went inside the house and saw my mother lying on the ground next to the refrigerator in a blood-soaked state. Whose information was given to us by the said teller on the phone, we immediately came to see our mother at her house and saw that my mother had been murdered by an unknown person by slitting her throat and the things in the house were scattered. The information was given by us to the police. Immediately on the said Tahrir, Police Station Patel Nagar, M.A.No.-107/2023 Section-302 Bhadvi vs Unknown was registered when the spot was inspected by the police team, an old woman was found lying on the ground in the gallery next to her kitchen covered in blood, whose throat had been slit with a sharp weapon. On the spot, evidence was collected by the field unit and by observing the CCTV footage of about 200 cameras in the surrounding by different teams, collecting information regarding suspects/criminal background persons and verifying them. Also, by interrogating about 150 people living near the incident site, information was collected regarding their movement before and after the incident, then by interrogation and observation of CCTV footage, the police team got a suspicious person dated 02- In the evening of 03-23, he was shown going to the house of the deceased, who went back after about 12 minutes, the face and appearance of the person was not clearly visible in the footage, after which the footage of other CCTV cameras nearby were continuously scanned by the police. On checking, the police team received the identity of the said suspect, in relation to which information was collected by activating the informer system and on date: 11-03-2023, on the information of the informer by the police team, the said suspect accused Mahendra Singh Mehta S/o Late Mr. Anand Singh Mehta, resident of Village Pituni Post and District Almora Hall Address 687 THDC Colony Near UK 07 Momoj Dehrakhas, Police Station Patel Nagar, District Dehradun was arrested from Bhandaribagh, on whose instance the knife used in the incident and the clothes worn on the day of the incident and 1670 /- Rs.0 cash recovered Gone

Inquiry Details:-

During interrogation, accused Mahendra Singh Mehta told that I was living in Chukhu locality in Dehradun for the last 12 years and earlier worked as a manager in Hotel Heritage. After the Corona period, I had left the job in the month of December last year due to a lot of reduction in hotel work, after which I was very upset. Due to my addiction to drugs and gambling, my wife and children left me and went to Mumbai in December, at present I was living in Dehrakhas at my sister Preeti’s house. Due to not good financial condition and high debt, I started getting very worried. Few days ago I came to know of a house near Muslim Colony, in which an old lady was living alone. On 02/03/2023, when I came near Shivram Uniyal School in front of Muslim Colony, I saw that the woman was sitting alone in the said house, after which I went inside on the pretext and started talking to the said woman. During the conversation, I inquired about the said old lady in my guise, then I came to know that nowadays that old lady is living alone, I also realized that a lot of jewelery and cash can be found with the old lady. I sat with the old lady for a long time, then after that I left. After that, I planned to rob the old lady’s house by sitting all night, as I had an impression that the old lady was helpless in walking and speaking, due to which she would easily give away jewelery and cash if intimidated a little. According to the plan, the next day on 03/03/2023, I again came out with a knife from my corpse room and reached Patthari Bagh Chowk via THDC Colony and from there via mango orchard in the middle of the old lady. reached the house of I had a feeling that there is less movement of people in the afternoon, so seeing the opportunity, I immediately entered the old lady’s house. There I asked the old woman for water to drink, as soon as the old woman started coming out with water from inside, I caught her near the kitchen, on which she started shouting, I tried to threaten her a lot but when she remained silent If she didn’t, I stabbed her neck with the knife kept with me, due to which she fell down on the spot and her neck started bleeding profusely. During the mutual tussle, the things kept on the fridge and table in the kitchen were scattered and the WiFi connection kept on top of the fridge was also broken. When I was satisfied that the old lady was dead, then I started searching the room of the old lady, but I did not find any jewellery, a black colored purse was found from inside a briefcase kept in the room, in which canteen card and car keys were kept. There were papers and 4-5 thousand rupees were kept from the other purse, which I took out. After that, even after a lot of search, I could not find any jewelery and cash from the house. At the instance of the accused, the police team seized the clothes worn on the day of the incident and the blood stained knife used in the incident.

Arrested accused:-

1- Mahendra Singh Mehta S/o Late Anand Singh Mehta, Resident of Village Pituni Post and District Almora Hall Address 687 THDC Colony Near UK 07 Momoj Dehrakhas Police Station Patel Nagar District Dehradun Age-41 years.

Recovery from the accused:-

1- Knife used in the incident – 01
2- Clothes worn by the accused on the day of incident
3- 1670/- cash
4- Black colored purse, which has canteen card and vehicle papers.