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Giant rock may hit the earth after 3 days! It is bigger than a 10-storey building, NASA warns

Many times such news comes to the fore, in which the possibility of destruction of the world is expressed. Many times such news comes in which it is said that the world will end on such and such a day. However, this does not happen. Once again similar news is coming to the fore. According to NASA, three days from today a giant asteroid may hit the Earth. The size of this asteroid is bigger than a ten-storey building and it is moving very fast towards the earth.

This big asteroid has been named 2023 CM. Its height is said to be about 180 meters i.e. 590 feet. According to NASA, this asteroid is moving towards the Earth at a speed of about 50, 474 kilometers per hour. NASA first spotted this asteroid on 2 February. Since then it was being continuously monitored. Now the speed with which it is increasing, it has been estimated that after three days it will pass closest to the earth.

Humans may be at risk
NASA has called this asteroid dangerous for the earth. It is increasing at a speed of twenty five thousand to forty thousand kilometers per hour. If it changes its speed a little while coming close to the earth or if there is a slight obstacle in its path due to the gravity of the earth, then it will collide with the earth and due to such a high speed there will be destruction on the earth.

NASA issued a warning
NASA’s Asteroid Watchers have issued a warning regarding this. He said that he is constantly monitoring it. However, the chances of it hitting the earth are very less. But even after this, this asteroid is being continuously monitored. According to the amount that NASA has tracked this asteroid so far, this asteroid completes a solar orbit in 271 days. However, till now NASA has not issued any official warning but has not ruled out its possibility either.