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‘Trans Tea Stall’ opened for the first time at railway station, railway minister shared picture

You must be traveling frequently in railways. During the journey, eunuchs must have come to you at some point or the other. They must have also demanded money from you. Many times these eunuchs resort to misbehavior for not giving money and many times they start misbehaving with you. During that time maybe you would have given money after getting upset with them. Many times you must have read the news of clash with them in the train. But this news is different.

Eunuchs run the tea stall

Incidents that happened to you in trains or news may have changed your attitude towards eunuchs. But at Assam’s Guwahati station, a shop has opened on the platform which will change your perspective on eunuchs. Now the transgender community is also moving beyond demanding money in trains and buses and focusing on earning money in a dignified way. In this sequence, ‘Kinner Tea Stall’ has started on the platform of Guwahati. This tea stall is completely operated by eunuchs.

Railway minister share photo

Some photos of this tea stall have been shared by Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on social media. Giving information in his tweet, he told that this tea stall is India’s first eunuch tea stall to start on the platform. At the same time, people have also praised this step. Commenting on this tweet of Railway Minister, a user wrote that this step is much better than asking people for money forcefully.