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Madhya Pradesh / Chhindwara: ‘Black thread tied around neck’ proved fatal, 9-year-old girl dies

A wave of mourning has spread in the surrounding area due to the news of the death of a 9-year-old innocent girl in SR Colony near Poama of Chhindwara Nagar. For a girl, the black thread worn to protect her from the evil eye became the reason for her death. In fact, in SR Colony, the relatives had tied a black thread around the girl’s neck to protect her from the evil eye, but little did they know that this thread would prove fatal for their child. According to the Dehat police station, according to the mother of the deceased, Simran Ahirwar, the 9-year-old daughter of Sunil Ahirwar, who lives in SR Colony near Poama, became a victim of an accident.

Entwined shawl

On Sunday afternoon, the mother was in another room with her younger son. 9-year-old Simran was standing on the bed making a swing with a shawl with the help of the door. Suddenly, Simran uncontrollably fell down from the bed and the shawl wrapped around her neck got entangled in the eye thread, due to which the girl suffocated. During this, the girl’s mother reached towards the room after hearing the sound of the door and saw that the girl was lying on the ground with a shawl wrapped around her neck.

Baby girl died due to hanging: Doctor

When the girl’s father got the information about the incident, he hurriedly reached home. After this, the family first went to the nearest private hospital with the girl child. After this they reached the district hospital where the doctor declared the girl dead. Due to this painful incident, the family members are in bad condition by crying. Police has prepared a panchnama and handed over the dead body to the relatives and is engaged in the investigation of the case. At the same time, regarding this incident, the doctors also say that the girl died due to hanging.

5 year old younger brother lit the fire

The whole family is in shock after the death of the deceased. On the other hand, his 5-year-old innocent brother offered fire to his sister. Please tell that Sunil Ahirwar has a son and had a daughter. After the sudden death of a 9-year-old daughter, the whole family is immersed in grief.