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When the journalist asked questions on the sinking of the bank, Joe Biden left the PC, closed the door

A video of US President Joe Biden running away from questions during a press briefing has gone viral on social media. Actually, Biden was asked to answer some questions related to the banking crisis after the sinking of Silicon Valley Bank, so Biden left the press meet midway, ignoring them. After that they closed the gate and left from there.

Video of Biden’s walkout viral

Social media users are criticizing such behavior of Biden. People are telling him lies. Let us tell you that the video of Biden’s walkout was uploaded on the YouTube channel of the White House, which has been viewed more than 4 million times. When people started taunting Biden on this, the comments were turned off. After this, users started reacting on Twitter.

The incident happened when Biden had just finished saying that there was a need to maintain a resilient banking system and take steps for historic economic reform, when a reporter asked, “Mr. Do I know now why this happened? And can you assure Americans that this will not happen?”

Similarly, another reporter asked, “Do you expect other banks to fail like this one (Silicon Valley Bank)?” Without giving it a second look, Biden walked away. Biden left without losing a moment and went out of the press meet room.

Said less on the incident of China’s “spy balloon”

This is not the first time that the US President has left a room full of reporters. After giving a statement on China’s “spy balloon” incident, journalists had put a barrage of questions on Biden. Even then Biden spoke very little and went there.

Similarly when asked by a reporter “Do you compromise on your family business relationship?” So Biden said, “Give me a break, man,” and then he left.

Didn’t respond even after meeting with Colombian President

Last year, a clip of him smiling while talking to a reporter after his meeting with the Colombian President went viral. Many on social media said he “refuses to talk to reporters because he doesn’t have answers”.

This happened on the question related to Xi Jinping

In 2021, people criticized the President on social media for not answering a reporter’s question. In fact, as Joe Biden left the room, a CBS reporter asked him, “When are you going to answer questions about your meeting with Xi Jinping and other leaders?” When will you answer our questions, sir?”