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Uttar Pradesh / Agra: The bride got down from the train and reached the police, knowing the reason the groom also became sad, the drama went on all night

A case of marriage of a 14-year-old minor girl has come to light from Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Here the teenager has accused her father of getting her married to a person twice her age. After the matter came to notice, the police got involved in the investigation. At the same time, the Child Welfare Committee has asked the girl to be sent to Asha Jyoti Kendra. At present, the police is talking about taking strict action in this matter.

This is the whole matter

Actually, this whole matter is of Mantola police station in Agra. This matter came to light when the girl herself reached the police station. The girl told that on March 11, her family members forced her to marry a man twice her age. After this the in-laws were taking her with them. By the time the train reached Agra station, her husband’s eyes were already closed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she got down from the train and reached the police. After this, the student informed the police about the matter. Here, when the husband woke up from sleep, he was surprised not to find the bride. He searched a lot in the nearby coach and station but could not find the bride. After this the girl’s husband also reached the police station. Was stunned to see the bride already present here. After this the police made him sit for questioning.

The girl is a resident of Chandauli district

Police told that the girl is a resident of Shikarganj police station area of Chandauli. The girl does not have a mother, the father made her a relationship with a young man named Maunu, a resident of Dholpur. Right now the age of the girl is being told as 14 years. Medical examination is being done to know the exact age of the girl. At the same time, the girl’s husband says that he had no information about the girl being a minor. After this the matter reached the Child Welfare Committee. Taking immediate cognizance, the committee called the girl’s father and sent the girl to Asha Jyoti Kendra. At present, the police is talking about registering a case and taking action.