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Jharkhand / Jamshedpur: Holding the hand of the chain snatcher, the woman screamed, people thrashed her fiercely, the robber’s attempt failed

The miscreants tried to snatch a chain from a woman who came for a walk in the park in the morning near the Tinplate Kali temple of Golmuri police station area of Jamshedpur. As soon as the snatchers put their hands on the woman’s shoulder, the woman caught hold of them. After this the woman started shouting loudly. Hearing the voice of the woman, the people present around gathered. These people caught hold of an accused and thrashed him.

Mob thrashed the accused

It is said that both the accused youths had come on a bike. Both of them tried to snatch the chain from the woman’s neck. However, as soon as he put his hand on the woman’s neck, he saw it. After this the woman grabbed her chain tightly and started shouting thief thief. Hearing the screams of the woman, the people around came running. These people caught one of the two youths. After this, the first people thrashed the accused. After this he was handed over to the police who came from Golmuri police station.

Second incident in 12 hours

Significantly, this is the second incident in 12 hours. Last night, an attempt was made to snatch a mobile from a scooty rider in Mango. According to local sources, both the snatchers are being told of mangoes. SI Gopal of Golmuri police station told that during interrogation his other accomplice will be traced and further action will be taken. Significantly, due to increasing unemployment in the country and maintaining the urban light style, a large number of youths are stepping into the world of crime. Such incidents are now becoming common from small to big metros. Despite the installation of CCTV cameras at various places, the criminals are fearlessly carrying out such incidents.