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Uttar Pradesh / Aligarh: People became victims of food poisoning after eating halwa-rasgulla at the wedding of inspector’s daughter, more than 3 dozen sick

A case of food poisoning has come to light after consuming food at the wedding of a sub-inspector’s daughter, a resident of Dori Nagar in Gandhi Park police station area of Aligarh. People have told that after eating carrot halwa and rasgulla, they have complained of vomiting and diarrhoea. In this, the local people and family members including the baraatis have become victims of food poisoning. As soon as the health of the people deteriorated, the relatives took their sick person to the local private hospital and government hospitals for treatment. Where everyone’s treatment is going on. Here, when the incident was reported to the Health Department of Aligarh, the team of the Health Department has reached the spot, and it is distributing medicines after visiting everyone’s house. According to the information, Genda Lal Singh, a resident of Dori Nagar of Police Station Gandhi Park area, is posted in Firozabad Police Line. Whose daughter Sandhya was married to Nagla Ranjita resident Harvendra on Sunday night of March 12 at Shanti Raj Farm House in the area. In the wedding ceremony, along with all the food items, gajar ka halwa and rasgulla were also made for sweets.

Halwa and Rasgullas left over from the wedding ceremony were distributed in the neighborhood

According to the people, carrot pudding and rasgulla were left on the next day of the marriage ceremony. The relatives of Genda Lal distributed the remaining carrot halwa and rasgulla among the people of the neighborhood. By Monday night, one by one people’s health started deteriorating, so all are admitted in local private hospitals and government hospitals.

More than three dozen people got sick

Here, the organizer of the program, Sub-Inspector Genda Lal Singh has told that the health of his family members, local people and the baraatis has deteriorated. Whose count has been told about 3 dozen. In which children, girls, young men, women and adults are included. With whom caterers Robin Singh and Balaji Sweet Center from where khoya and paneer and milk came. Because of this, a complaint has been lodged against these people at Gandhi Park police station. Here, the doctors of the health department’s team and the doctors of the private hospital who reached the spot have told that people have complained of food poisoning after eating the food left over from the wedding. Almost all are coming back to normalcy. Some are still being treated in the hospital.