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Uttar Pradesh: Whenever the one above gives, he would have torn the roof! 2.5 crore prize in 500 lottery, Taylor became rich overnight

It is said that whenever God gives, he gives by tearing thatch. Something similar happened with a couple living in a village in Chandpur area of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. In fact, a tailor who worked as a cutting worker at a garment shop in Delhi had bought a lottery ticket. While buying the lottery ticket, the young man would not even know that he is going to be a millionaire soon. Taylor’s lottery prize of 2.5 crore has come out. A lottery has changed the fortunes of the entire family including husband and wife. Preeti Saini, who lives in village Rasulpur, was married to Brijpal Saini 19 years ago. Brijpal has been working as a cutting tailor at a garments shop in Gandhi Nagar, Delhi for the last 30 years. His wife and children also live with him. Preeti told that her husband had bought a lottery ticket of 500 from the lottery stall located at Gandhibhai Ghantaghar in Ludhiana city. A few days after the purchase, he got a call from the lottery company that he had won a lottery worth Rs 2.5 crore.

Change of fortune in a moment

Both Preeti and Brijpal could not believe after hearing about the lottery of 2.5 crores, but after talking to the lottery company, they were convinced that their luck has really changed. After which both of them reached the office of Ludhiana Lottery Company on Monday. After reaching here, he completed the paperwork. It has been assured from the side of the company that soon the amount left after deducting the tax will come into their account. On the other hand, when the couple reached Gajraula’s in-laws’ house on Tuesday, they were warmly welcomed there. There was an influx of congratulators at home.

Wasn’t sure I would ever get a reward of 2.5 crores

Brijlal says that earlier he used to order tickets from Ludhiana but this was the first time that he himself came to the shop and chose the ticket. Brijlal told that after the draw, when the company called me and told me, I could not believe that I had won a prize of 2.5 crores. He thought that he would get a small prize, but when he came to know that he has won a prize of two and a half crores, then there was no place for happiness.