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Uttarakhand: Secretary Health Dr. R. Rajesh Kumar gave the gift of promotion to 41 doctors / joint directors made after promotion

Health Secretary Dr R Rajesh Kumar gifted promotion to 41 doctors. He has been promoted as Joint Director. In the mandate issued by Medical Health and Medical Education Section-1 of the Government of Uttarakhand under number 331 dated 13/03/23 under the signature of Secretary Dr. R. Rajesh Kumar, it has been said that 41 doctors have been promoted to Joint Director, who are now 37400- Will get 6700 grade pay 8700. The names of Dr. Anand Shukla, Dr. Shashi Bala Basan etc. are included in the doctors who got promotion.

Under the Uttarakhand PM HS cadre, the following 41 doctors working on the post of Senior Medical Officer, Pay Matrix – 12 (former pay band-3, ₹ 15600-39100 grade pay ₹ 7600) will be appointed from the date of joining at their present place of posting after regular selection. Mr. Governor is pleased to approve the promotion to the post of Joint Director Pay Matrix-13 (formerly Pay Band-4, ₹ 37400-67000 Grade Pay ₹ 8700)-

Serial number

1. Dr. Shashibala Vasan
2. Dr. Jivendra Singh Bisht
3. Dr. Dhirendra Singh Negi
4. Dr. Jitendra Singh Negi
5. Dr. Nandan Singh Bisht
6. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Bhatt
7. Dr. Anand Shukla
8. Dr. Vivek Tiwari
9. Dr. Dinesh Pratap Singh
10. Dr. Jeevan Singh Chufal
11. Dr. Rajendra Singh
12. Dr. Kumod Pant
13. Dr. Puran Singh Kholia
14. Dr. Surendra Singh Bisht
15. Dr. Pankaj Negi
16. Dr. Alok Jain
17. Dr. Laxman Singh Mehta
18. Dr. Shailendra Singh Kandari DG
19. Dr. Somendra Singh Chauhan
20. Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh
21. Dr. Meharban Singh Rawat
22. Dr. Alind Pokhriyal
23. Dr. Rajat Kumar Bhatt
24. Dr. Kailash Chandra Pant
25. Dr. Jai Hind Singh
26. Dr. Ashwani Kumar Choubey
27. Dr. Khemraj Saun
28. Dr. Prasoon Sheoran
29. Dr. Satish Chandra Donal
30. Dr. Naveen Chandra Tiwari
31. Dr. Sumit Dev Burman
32. Dr. Pratap Singh Rawat
33. Dr. Brijesh Bisht
34. Dr. Vimal Singh Gusai DG
35. Dr. Chandan Kumar
36. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Pandey
37. Dr. Neeraj Kumar Rai
38. Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh
39. Dr. Neeraj Kumar Tripathi
40. Dr. Narendra Singh Chauhan
41. Dr. Lalit Mohan Rakholia

According to the provision of the Uttarakhand Medical and Health Services Rules, 2014, the promoted doctors will be on probation for one year and posting orders will be issued separately.