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Bihar / Jamui: The wedding procession kept waiting, the bride absconded with her lover, the procession returned empty-handed, the tent was put up

A strange incident happened in Bihar. Here, just before the wedding, the bride eloped with her lover, due to which the bridegroom and the baraatis had to return empty-handed without the bride. The incident of absconding of the bride before the rounds is from Jamui district. According to the information, the lover with whom the bride has eloped is said to be brother and sister in the relationship. The love affair of both was going on for the last several years. Litigation had also taken place along with differences between the two families regarding this. Aarti Kumari, daughter of Karu Yadav of Kalyanpur village, was to be married on Tuesday night, 14 March. A procession had also come from Deoghar in Jharkhand regarding this. The groom and the wedding procession had also come for the wedding. The pandals had been decorated, preparations had also been made for the feast. At 11 pm, the procession also came from Santhali village of Deoghar, Jharkhand. People were dancing on the music of DJ. Then suddenly the family members of the girl’s side came to know that the girl had eloped with a young man named Arvind Yadav, who seems to be her brother in a relationship, then did this thing spread like a wild fire.

When the information of the incident reached the people of the wedding party, the wedding procession and the groom had to return with a half-hearted heart. It is known that many times there was a dispute between the girl and the boy regarding the love affair. The matter had reached the police station, litigation also took place, later the matter was settled on the basis of mutual consent. The incident of elopement of the bride with her lover on the wedding day and that too with the one who appears to be a brother in the relationship has become a topic of discussion in the area. After this incident, the girl and the marriage party who came to get married were disappointed. After getting information about the case, the Simultala police is interrogating the mother of the young man who ran away with the bride.