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What kind of mother is this who did not feel pain, 3 year old child was suffering from head injury, she kept making Reel, child died

Your blood will also boil after hearing about the handiwork of a British woman. Her three-year-old stepson was writhing on the floor with a severe head injury, but instead of calling an ambulance, the woman kept filming his video. The child died two days later in the hospital. This shocking incident happened two years ago. Declaring the woman guilty, the court has sentenced her to 15 years imprisonment. According to the Daily Mail report, on 7 August 2021, innocent Harvey Borrington paramedics were found unconscious in Jaxdale near Mansfield. Her 23-year-old stepmother, Leila Borrington, was then present at home with Harvey. Leela said that the child had fallen from the chair. Since he could not speak, they made a video to show the paramedics his condition before making the emergency call.

But the medical experts exposed Leela’s black deeds. Harvey had severe head injuries. There was a lot of bleeding in his brain. It was also revealed in the investigation that the child also had fractures in his skull and hand. According to experts, such injuries do not occur due to falling from the chair. Even if he is a child. He suspected that the child must have been repeatedly banged on the head.

Harvey died in hospital two days later, on 9 August. Innocent’s real mother Katy broke down during the hearing in Holroyd Court saying that her child was brutally killed by Lily. He said, ‘My beautiful son could not speak. He must be in so much pain.’ It was also revealed in the hearing that instead of calling the emergency number, Leelee had texted Harvey’s father saying, “Why does this happen to me only?” After listening to both the sides, the court convicted Leeli and sentenced her to 15 years.