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Bihar / Gopalganj: To scare the son, the son was hanged, the son broke his breath, the parents threw the dead body in the pond to erase the evidence, told everyone – he died by drowning

On the night of March 19, a couple of Ekderwa village under Thawe police station area hanged their son by hanging a rope around his neck to scare him, in which he lost his life. After this, the mother threw the dead body in the village pond to destroy the evidence. The next day, after taking out the dead body, he told the villagers that son Shivam had drowned. SP Swarna Prabhat gave this information while disclosing the Shivam murder case. Also arrested the parents of the deceased Shivam. SP Swarna Prabhat told in a press conference that after Shivam’s body was recovered, a SIT team was formed under the leadership of Sadar SDPO Sanjeev Kumar to investigate the murder. In this team, Trainee DSP Sakshi Rai, Sadar Inspector Hiralal Prasad, Thave Police Station President Shashi Ranjan Kumar, Manjhagarh Police Station President Vishal Anand, Technical Cell in-charge Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Sub Inspector Abhay Nandan Kumar, Constable Pintu Kumar, Praveen Kumar and Ravi Shankar Kumar and others. Police force was involved.

The SP told that the team collected evidence. Inquired the villagers. After technical evidence and questioning of the people, the needle of suspicion of the police revolved on the parents of the deceased. On Thursday, both were taken into custody and strictly interrogated, then both confessed their crime. After this, the police arrested Shambhu Singh, father of Kishore Shivam Kumar and mother Chhoti Devi in the murder case. The SP said that the arrested husband and wife were presented in the court on Thursday. The SP said that the rope used in the murder and a mud-stained pant of his father have also been recovered.

Father had thrashed son after mother’s rebuke

Shivam was not listening to his parents. He always used to fight with other kids. His parents were very angry about this. After interrogating the arrested couple, the police said that Shivam had gone out of the house on March 19 as well. On his return, his mother Chhoti Devi scolded him. Shivam’s father also came late in the evening drunk. After this he also thrashed his son. Then tried to scare the son by putting a rope noose around his neck. Meanwhile, the rope tightens and Shivam dies.

Arrested couple were changing statements again and again

The SP said that the couple arrested in the murder of their son were repeatedly changing their statements. In police interrogation, Shivam’s parents told that when the child died after being strangulated with a rope, the father informed one of his relatives about it. Then at the behest of the relative, he took the dead body of the son to the village pond on the night of March 19 and threw it. After this, on March 20, the dead body was taken out of the pond. On the morning of March 21, the father of the deceased along with one of his companions went to search near the pond, meanwhile the body of the teenager was found.

Revealed from the post mortem report

To trick the police and the villagers, Kishore Shivam’s father had planned his death by drowning so that the people and the police could not come to know that he had been murdered. As per the plan, after the death of the teenager, the body was thrown into the pond. Then tried to spread a rumor in the village that his son had died due to drowning. The post mortem report revealed that the deceased was murdered by strangulation. After this, the suspicion of the police turned into conviction and the parents of the teenager were caught in the case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.