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Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey commits suicide in Banaras hotel, police engaged in investigation

A very shocking news is coming from Bhojpuri film industry. Actress Akanksha Dubey has committed suicide. It is being told that last night (March 25) Akanksha went to a hotel after the shoot and committed suicide there. Akanksha Dubey committed suicide by hanging herself. His body was found in the hotel room. At present, the police is engaged in the investigation of this matter.

At present, time is hovering over the film industry. From South film industry to Bollywood and now Bhojpuri cinema, celebs have died. Recently, the death of Bollywood actor-director Satish Kaushik and recently the death of actress Neelu Kohli’s husband, apart from director Pradeep Sarkar, shocked everyone. People could not even recover from these shocks that they were getting one after the other that now the news of Akanksha Dubey’s sudden suicide has shocked everyone.

Akanksha’s death raised questions
It is being told that 25-year-old Akanksha Dubey committed suicide at Sarnath Hotel in Banaras. She was shooting for one of her projects in Banaras itself. For what reason did Akanksha Dubey do this? What happened suddenly that Akanksha took a suicide-like step after going to the hotel? All these kinds of questions are arising. The rest of the information is still awaited in this matter.

Did films like ‘Mera Faisla’, ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ and ‘Saajan’, which were hits. A few hours after the day Akanksha Dubey died, her last song ‘Aara Kabhi Hara Nahi’ with Pawan Singh has been released. The fans are badly shocked. They can’t believe why the actress who was sharing videos on Instagram till a few hours ago and was on shoot, suddenly took such a step?

Akanksha was fond of dance
Akanksha Dubey was very fond of dance and acting. She was very active from Tiktok to Instagram. Akanksha Dubey often used to share her dance videos and reels on Instagram. Even a day before the suicide, Akanksha Dubey had shared a reel of hers on Instagram, which is now in discussion.

Was dating Samar Singh
Akanksha Dubey was also in discussion about her personal life. She was dating actor Samar Singh. This year, on Valentine’s Day, Akanksha Dubey made her relationship official with Samar Singh by sharing romantic pictures on Instagram. Akanksha Dubey was fond of acting since childhood and this hobby brought her to Mumbai at the age of 3. The family members wanted Akanksha to become an IPS officer and serve the country, but Akanksha’s mind was always in dance and acting.

Akanksha Dubey had struggled with depression
In an interview, Akanksha Dubey told how she had to face rejections at the beginning of her career. In the year 2018, such a situation also came when she went into depression. Because of this, Akanksha Dubey had distanced herself from acting then. Akanksha would not have been able to make a comeback in Bhojpuri cinema, if not for the support of her mother in difficult times. Akanksha had told that she came back to films because of her mother’s encouragement and then also did some music videos. Gradually, Akanksha Dubey had once again set her foot in Bhojpuri cinema and was gaining momentum. But one wrong step by Akanksha stopped this momentum forever. Why did Akanksha Dubey do this? For now, we can only wait to find out. Our sympathies are with his family.