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Russia Ukraine War: Putin warns NATO amid war with Ukraine, says Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, which has been going on for more than a year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has now made a big announcement. Putin has said that he will deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus. He said that this decision of mine does not violate the Nuclear Treaty. US (America) has deployed its nuclear weapons in many countries, now Russia will do the same.

The Russian President also gave a warning to NATO regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine amid rising tensions with Western countries. Vladimir Putin said that those who give arms to Ukraine will have to pay for it.

On the other hand, America’s reaction has come on Putin’s decision. It has been said from the US that they may threaten nuclear weapons, but at the moment there is no indication that Russia will use nuclear weapons. A senior US official said – We do not see any reason to change our strategy related to nuclear weapons.

Deployed to another country for the first time after 1990
Let us tell you that this is happening for the first time after 1990 when Russia will deploy its nuclear weapons in any other country. Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, is considered close to Putin. Alexander Lukashenko has said that he has installed the Russian S-400 air defense system and the Iskander missile system. Which was sent by Russia about 6 months ago.

Currently, Russia is supported by Belarus in the region.
Russia is the largest country in the world and Belarus is a small European country. Global experts say that currently Belarus is the only country in Europe which has close ties with Russia.