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Hong Kong: Protests took place for the first time after strict law was implemented, not allowed to wear black clothes

In Hong Kong, residents of Tseung Kwan O marched in protest against the government on Sunday. About 100 people participated in this protest. However, around 30 police officers continued to strictly monitor the march during this period. Significantly, this is the first protest in Hong Kong after the implementation of strict restrictions imposed due to the Corona epidemic. Hong Kong’s local media gave information about this march.

Due to this protest march was taken out
According to Hong Kong media, a group of Tseung Kwan O residents marched after the Metro Town Owners Committee protested the government’s plan. Indeed, the government is looking to use Area 132 in Tseung Kwan O to accommodate a number of public facilities, including a treatment plant and a cement plant. The Metro Town Owners Committee is opposing this plan of the government.

Officers did not give permission to wear black clothes
Cyrus Chan, one of the organizers of the protest march, said that the protesters had approached the police regarding their propaganda materials and slogans. On this, the authorities did not allow the participants of the march to wear black clothes. He told that the protest started at 11 am from a park next to Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre. Everyone gathered here. After which the participants raised slogans against the reclamation project. During this time it also rained, despite this the protesters continued to march with banners even in the rain. It later ended at Tseng Kwan O South Landing at 1 p.m.

Development Bureau came to the rescue
At the same time, in response to the protest of these people, the development bureau there has said that the purpose of this project was to support the daily needs of the community. It also said that it will respect the right to freedom of expression of the residents of the area and the land Will study the possibility of reducing the scale of reform.

First protest after strict law came into force
Significantly, since the implementation of the National Security Act in the year 2020, this is the first protest to be held officially. Earlier on 5 March there was a protest by the Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association, which was canceled at the last minute despite receiving a letter.