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UN angry with Taliban over ban on women, warns of pulling hands

The United Nations has given a strong message to the Taliban, saying that if the local women here are not allowed to work for the organization, the UN will pull out of Afghanistan. The head of the UN Development Program has said this. According to the information, the UN may take a decision in this regard next month. UNDP Administrator Achin Steiner said it is true that it is necessary to review the potential for cooperation wherever we are working, but when it comes to fundamental principles and human rights, there can be no compromise.

The UN has expressed deep concern over the attitude of the Taliban. The UN has expressed its displeasure over preventing the women staff of the UN from working here. The UN said life- saving work would be hampered without female workers, but the Taliban do not allow women to work in Nangarhar province. They have been banned. The UN said, it has been informed to the occupying power in Afghan that the UN cannot function without women staff.

Let us inform that ever since the US had withdrawn its army from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban is ruling here. After this, Taliban has also imposed many restrictions on the people here. Restrictions have been imposed on women in particular, on movement, education and work.

Please tell that the Taliban had claimed that this time it would not ban women and would allow them to study and work. However, a few days after taking over the power, the Taliban started showing their true colors. The Taliban removed women from offices and closed coed schools. Now the opportunities for women have been greatly limited. In some places, classes are held for women in homes where men cannot attend.