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Uttarakhand: Housing department surrounded in the game of passing maps, now answer has to be given in the High Court, Doon residents raised questions

The housing department seems to be surrounded in the game of passing maps. Under the One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS) which was started in 2021, the department kept strict rules for passing the maps, while earlier the maps of hospitals, nursing homes were passed even on a 3.5 meter wide road. Now the housing department has to answer before the High Court.

Actually, Doon resident Abhinav Thapar raised questions on OTS. He said that under this scheme, the maps of those buildings would be passed, whose front road would be at least nine meters wide. If there are less wide roads than this, then the map will not be valid. While there are many nursing homes, hospitals in the capital itself, whose roads are 3.50 meters wide but the MDDA passed their map.

Final hearing will be on June 14

In this case, the High Court had asked the Housing Department to inform the court while taking its decision. Almost two years have passed but the department has not come forward to prepare any answer. During the hearing on Friday, the High Court has given strict instructions that all the parties should give their answers by June 14. The final hearing will be held on June 14.

kindness in the field, rule in the mountain

Abhinav Thapar, a resident of Doon, says that the housing department and the authorities have changed the rules to pass maps of hospitals and nursing homes in the plains as per the need, but if someone wants to open a nursing home or hospital in the hilly areas, then The rules for him are still as strict today. He said that due to this, health services are also being disrupted in the mountain.