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A rock as big as a plane coming towards the earth at a speed of 27 thousand km, what will happen now?

Asteroids continue to pass close to our Earth. In the last few years, scientists have also spotted such rocky storms, which are hiding in the glare of the Sun and are coming closer to our planet. These asteroids are not caught by the radar, due to which there is a danger of a major destruction on the earth. It is believed that millions of years ago, the end of dinosaurs from our earth was also due to the devastation after an asteroid collision. However, another asteroid is coming closer to Earth.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Nasa JPL) of the American space agency NASA has told that Asteroid 2023 GU2 (Asteroid 2023 GU2) will reach close to our planet today. It can decide its path by covering a distance of about 74 lakh 50 thousand kilometers. Its size can range between 78 feet to 177 feet, which is almost as big as an aeroplane.

This asteroid is coming towards the earth at a high speed of 27 thousand 849 kilometers per hour. It belongs to the Amor group of asteroids. Although this asteroid is not likely to hit the Earth, scientists will monitor this rocky disaster until it goes too far from the Earth. Because the direction of asteroids can change anytime, so scientists need to monitor them.

According to NASA, asteroids are also called minor planets. Just as all the planets of our solar system revolve around the Sun, similarly the asteroids also revolve around the Sun. Asteroids are rocky remnants left over from the early formation of our Solar System about 4.6 billion years ago. Scientists have so far detected 11 lakh 13 thousand 527 asteroids.

When an asteroid is discovered, it is named by the International Astronomical Union Committee. The name can be anything, but a number is also added to it like-(99942) Apophis. Asteroids are also named after artists, scientists, historical characters.