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Australia will make major changes in defense strategy to deal with China, will make guided weapons in the country itself

The Australian government is preparing to make major changes in its defense strategy to deal with the new Chinese threat and other defense challenges in the Indian Pacific Ocean. For this, Australia will pay special attention to long-range precision attack capability, indigenous production of guided weapons and diplomacy. This was stated in the review report released on Monday regarding the defense challenges and scenarios in the country.

The Prime Minister told the review important work
The review has recommended the biggest defense overhaul in the country since World War II. The review said that America is no longer the only one in the Indo-Pacific region and China is giving tough competition to America here. In such a situation, the country’s northern military bases will play the most important role in keeping enemies away and protecting trade routes and communications. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described the review as the most important work done since the Second World War.

Defense cooperation will be increased from America and India
The review released on Monday said that China is continuously strengthening its military strength and infrastructure and there is no transparency in this. According to the review, China’s activities are the biggest strategic risk Australia faces as a nation. To avoid this, Australia will work with its main ally America. Apart from this, the country will also try to strengthen defense cooperation with Japan, India and South East Asian countries.

Australia will become self-sufficient in weapons
The review found that Australia’s military needs to increase its strength to ensure the country’s defence. In the review, the AUKUS nuclear-powered submarine, long-range strike and guided weapons and the local production of these weapons have been described as important from the point of view of defense. Defense Secretary Richard Marles said in a televised interview that the Ukraine war has shown that it is not enough for friendly and allied countries to have missiles. These weapons should be available with the country under its control.

Australian Navy needs small ship
The review found that the Australian Navy needed ships that were small yet equipped with long-range attack weapons. The review has also recommended the development of driverless aircraft in collaboration with the US.