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Uttar Pradesh / Azamgarh: The girl was not ready, did she get married under pressure? Girlfriend ate poison in front of boyfriend, died

A shocking case of love affair has come to light from the district. Even after the girlfriend got married, she could not forget her first love and reached the lover’s village to meet him and consumed poison in front of him. Due to consuming poisonous substances, the condition of the girlfriend started deteriorating, in such a situation people took her to the hospital where she died during treatment. After the death, there was a stir in the lover’s family and his family members left the house and fled. In fact, a youth living in Avni village of Azamgarh district has a maternal grandmother in a village under Khanpur police station area of Ghazipur district. The young man used to come to his maternal grandfather, during this he met the girl and both started loving. It is being told that during this time both used to talk on mobile phones as well and there used to be a meeting between the two. Slowly 3 years passed, meanwhile the girlfriend got married to another young man. The girlfriend was not ready to marry another young man, although due to the pressure of family members, she got married a year ago. After marriage she went to her in-laws house and after spending some time with her husband returned to her maternal home. The young woman was living in her maternal home and she was about to be sent off again, she became angry about this.

Angered, she reached her lover’s house in Azamgarh on Sunday afternoon by taking a scooty. After reaching home, it was found that her lover was playing cricket in the village. It was only after questioning the family members that the girl reached near the primary school where her boyfriend was playing a cricket match with his friends. After reaching there, she talked to her boyfriend for a long time. During this, there was an argument between both of them. It is being told that after that the girlfriend took out the poisonous substance from the trunk of her scooty and ate it. When her condition started deteriorating after consuming poisonous substance, the lover and her father took the girl to Lalganj Hospital. Seeing his condition deteriorating after first aid at Lalganj Hospital, the doctors referred him to the Divisional Hospital. He died during treatment at the Divisional Hospital.

After getting the information about the consumption of poisonous substance, the relatives of the girl also reached the hospital. However, by then the lover and his family members had fled from there. On reaching home, it was found that the lover and his family had fled from their house as well. In this regard, it was told by the police station chief Basant Kumar that the family members of the deceased have not yet filed a complaint. If Tahrir is given, necessary action will be taken against the lover and his family by registering a case under relevant sections.