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Uttarakhand / Dehradun: Student hanged himself on the noose after making a video call to his girlfriend. He was upset because the conversation stopped.

Angered by the stoppage of conversation with the girl, a BTech student made a video call to her and hanged herself in front of her. The student was originally from Bihar and was in love with a young woman. The girl had blocked him a few days back. Police has sent the body of the student for postmortem and handed it over to the relatives. No suicide note has been recovered from the spot.

According to the information received from the police, Shubham’s son Ravindra Pratap Singh, a resident of Muzaffarpur Bihar, was studying BTech first year from Tulaj Institute in Premnagar area. He was in love with a girl for a long time. But, a few days ago the conversation between the two stopped.

On this the girl blocked him. He started getting very worried about this. Shubham lived with his partner in a hostel in the area. His companion went out for a walk after dinner. After this, Shubham put a photo of cutting the vein on his status and wrote about loving the girl.

The girl had blocked the number
The girl had blocked but this status was seen by her friends. When he told this to this girl, she unblocked him and called Shubham. The girl asked Shubham not to act like this. The girl said that in this way you are blackmailing her.

Shubham got even more angry on this matter. He had probably already made preparations. He took a rope kept nearby and hanged himself by tying it to the fan. Frightened, the girl called her friend. By the time the partner reached, he was hanging on the noose.

Other colleagues called the police and broke the door and took Shubham’s body out of the trap and sent it to the Graphic Era Hospital. But, here the doctors declared him dead. SO Premnagar PD Bhatt told that his colleagues have been questioned in this matter. Shubham’s family members have been informed. No suicide note has been recovered from him. Investigation is on in the matter.