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Kerala / Thrissur: Be careful! Here 8 year old innocent lost his life due to mobile explosion in his hand

An 8-year-old girl died after a mobile phone exploded in Kerala on Monday. This accident happened when she was driving mobile. Adityashree, who lives in Tiruvilvamala, kept the mobile close to her face. Police informed about the incident on Tuesday. He told that this incident happened at 10:30 pm last night. Police has registered a case regarding this matter. Simultaneously, investigation is being done with the forensic team and experts. According to media reports, Adityashree was the daughter of former block panchayat member Ashok Kumar and studied in class III in a nearby school. According to preliminary investigation, the police say that the girl was watching the video for a long time.

So it may happen that the battery got overheated and because of that the mobile exploded. The mobile was bought three years ago. The girl’s uncle had bought this phone for her father. Last year the battery of the phone was also changed. Adityashree and her grandmother were the only ones present at the house during the incident. Grandma was in the kitchen when the incident happened. Police said that the girl had serious injuries on her face. The fingers of his right hand are broken. Also, the palm is badly burnt.