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Bihar / Hajipur: Two laborers fell from 40 feet high bridge, death scene captured in drone camera, construction of footover bridge was going on

A major accident took place at Sarai railway station in the district. Two laborers who were constructing the railway footover bridge fell from the 40 feet high bridge (Hajipur News). The condition of a laborer is said to be critical, who has been admitted to a private hospital for treatment. The case is of 24 April. The picture of this entire incident has been recorded by the drone camera. This video is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. At the same time, after the incident, many senior railway officials reached the spot and started investigating the matter. Negligence is being seen in the video, laborers were working without safety belts.

Safety guidelines were not taken care of

Overbridge was being constructed at Hajipur’s Sarai railway station on Monday to go from platform number one to platform number two and three. During this, two laborers working fell from a 40 feet high bridge. Two laborers were injured in this incident, in which the condition of one laborer is said to be critical. Senior officers of the local police station and railways reached the spot and took stock of the situation. Both the seriously injured laborers have been identified as Ranjit and Munna. Both are residents of West Champaran district.

The matter is under investigation – Hajipur Railway

Although big construction companies work in the railway department, but there has been a lot of negligence while building the railway bridge. In the viral video, the railways did not give safety belts to the laborers working at height. At the same time, even after the accident, the construction work of the bridge continued and the workers were seen working at height without safety belts. On the other hand, regarding this incident, Hajipur’s CPRO Devendra Kumar told that the work of overbridge block has been given in Sarai. During this work, two laborers fell from the overbridge. Where has it gone wrong and how has it happened? It will be investigated. Instructions have been given to take precautions during construction. The matter is under investigation.